taiji forms

Solo practices to acquire fundamental techniques of Chen Style


standing like a Mountain : Soft, Flowing, Strong

Chansigong : Twining silk exercises, Part 1

Chansijing is the elaboration of spiralling energy centred in dantian

19 form

the 19 Form is preparation for LaoJia


LaoJia is the matrix form for the various styles that we see today

further intricacies and fajing techniques

Chansigong : Twining silk exercises, Part 2

some asteroids loop around the other way

38 Form

for a first taste of XinJia

XinJia - first glimpse

primal, awesome, unforgettable

XinJia - in the long run

yes, but how to actually do it

additional forms

- PaoCui - "Cannon Fists" forms of LaoJia and XinJia


... Dao, or Broadsword


... Jian


... Qiang