38 Form

Chen XiaoWang's 38 Form was the first of the Chen forms to be described in detail in unforgettable English prose, in the book "Chen Style Taijiquan", Zhaohua Publishing House, Beijing, 1984.

"The twining strength is the core of Taijiquan and it is united by two opposite basic twinings.  Any action of the whole series cannot leave the twining strength all the time, so it runs through the processes of all actions.  There are smooth twining and adverse twining in all actions of the whole series, so they are the basic twinings with universality;  while inward and outward, upward and downward, leftward and rightward, forward and backward, greatly and slightly, all these twinings describe the different points of the twinings of all actions in direction and degree, so they are the bearings and twinings with particularity."

Also, "Whether your strength is straight or not can be judged with the sound of shocking."