weekly classes

London :

Mondays at MovingEast aikido dojo, Wordsworth Road, Stoke Newington, N16

      18.00 - 19.30   the development of twining strength: Chansigong Parts 1 and 2
      19.30 - 21.00   form : XinJia "New Frame"

These are ongoing classes taught by Kinthissa and Laura Ichajapanich.

Fine-tuning ZhanZhuang and Chansigong in the first lesson to deepen the roots, and in the second lesson, the entire "New Frame" will be practised this term and next.

Kinthissa resumes in the autumn on 23rd October 2006. For details, please contact Laura 020 7625 4776 or MovingEast 020 7503 3101 or www.movingeast.co.uk


Oxford :

Tuesdays in the Playroom at St. Margaret's Institute, 30 Polstead Road.

      13.00 - 15.30  TaijiQuan fundamentals and Laojia

Cost £120 for the autumn term 24th October to 28 November 2006.

evening classes in central Oxford are being organised, please contact Kinthissa for details.