More twinings : Saturday 19th February 2011 in Oxford

10:00 - 17:00   £55
at St. Margaret's Institute, 30 Polstead Road, Oxford OX2 6TN


The programme will be ZhanZhuang—the standing qigong, Chansigong—the twining exercises, and XinJia.

The focus will be on the fundamental importance of a centred posture which enables us to realize chansi—twining throughout the body—that distinguishes Chen Style TaijiQuan.  Without centre, there is no chansi.  Without chansi, there is no Chentaiji.

XinJia is the form par excellence of chansijin,I am attempting to find a good way of teaching, one that will push the student to take initiative, for without the lonely effort exerted by the individual, there will not be enough progress over the years. spiralling energy.  Its intricacies are for lifetime study.

XinJia's requirements define Chentaiji's attributes.  Let's see if we can further understanding.  To quote an Arabic saying,

The lecture is one
The practice is a thousand

Happy 2011!