Twining Silk : Link-weaving the Energetic Body

Reykjavik, 20th to 22nd February 2015

This photograph of Kinthissa was taken one midsummer night in 2011 during a residential seminar at Reykholt.  She will be coming in February 2015, to once again share with us her experience of Chen Style TaijiQuan as taught by Chen XiaoWang, under whom she has trained intensively since 1995.

Kinthissa's first visit to Iceland was during her Yang Style days when in 1989 she was invited to teach at Kramhusid, Reykjavik.  On more recent visits, she has taught the Chen Style forms, including LaoJia, Sabre, and Spear.

For further information about Kinthissa, and for an appreciation of this system of TaijiQuan, please see

The programme of 3 complete days in Reykjavik will concentrate on techniques fundamental to Chentaiji.