everyday practice : In Search of Good Posture

Daily standing is the basis, however difficult, for by the time I come to LaoJia/XinJia practice later in the day, the degree to which I had managed to draw myself together in ZhanZhuang constitutes a taking-off point.

Likewise, refinement of technique comes from the continuing pursuit of a flowing connection in Chansigong, day by day.

These three subjects of study ... ZhanZhuang, Chansigong, Form ... become the teacher.  One listens intently to their messages, an intuitive and intellectual grasp of their instruction as vital as persistence in practice.

Maybe we can only see as much as we can understand, but it is important to see more than we can do ourselves.  One can watch Chen XiaoWang or someone way ahead of us on the path; they execute a movement so subtly that one cannot imagine how it can be accomplished.  This picture stays in the mind.

You continue your practice over the weeks and months ... and the more you can practice only "half thinking", the better : you become so familiar with the material that you are immersed in it; you remain centrally, observing the movement at hand, directing it imperceptibly : this is Master Chen's "only half thinking".

Then one time you notice that you have moved in a way you have never done before, the feel of that mysterious motion in your mind-picture has come to life in you......