Chen XiaoWang's Famed Corrections

Say you have asked him to check your pie shen quan (pie shen chui), Lean with the Back.  His correction usually proceeds like this  :

He first adjusts your hands, your arms.  Immediately you feel more comfortable, your breathing relaxes.  He then starts to work on your hips, one side, the other joint, shifting you further to the right.  You begin to shake and sweat.  It doesn't seem to matter how strong you are.  We all shake and sweat, we all come near collapse. Sometimes the body simply gives way, very dramatic when it is a big tough man (as a small woman I take notice!).

It may take him time to change your weight distribution : the stance of pie shen quan requires weight committed to the right side, the left leg stretched and dramatically twined all the way through ... the burning is unbearable in the right thigh, the left leg shakes uncontrollably. You may panic as your entire body is gripped by overwhelming sensations.

Then all of a sudden you stop resisting, you yield in your chest.  Your mind clears ... ("If you can fill each unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run") ... you stay.  The body is in tatters but you are calm.  He returns to your hands.  A tiny touch here and a tweak there at the periphery result in a flooding of qi throughout your torso.  Zoom down into dantian ... out to heraldic arms.

You are happier than you have ever felt.  Chen XiaoWang steps back, satisfied.  He announces, "This now TaijiQuan."