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Twining Silk : Link-weaving the Energetic Body

11 to 16 September 2014

Daily input of 'hands language' teaching in the tranquillity of Holy Isle.

TaijiQuan (T'aichi Ch'uan) is a precise and delicate art, which when practised correctly develops the soft energetic body.  The essence of the technique lies in the Twining Silk exercises.  The taiji body in an ever-changing pattern of connected turnings draws forth from within a resilient strength and an abundance of energy.

Twining Silk ~ Chansijin ~ takes its name from the movement of the silkworm as it makes silk.  Chan is the action of twining, something turning around itself.  Si means silk.  Jin means refined power.  Chansijin is the spiralling power that emerges from chansi.

The five days will be devoted to careful fine-tuning and integration of posture and connectivity, alignment and flow.  The Qigong of ZhanZhuang, where the individual becomes the Standing Pole that connects Earth and Sky, will be at the heart of each day's practice.  Via 'hands language', Kinthissa will assist in the process of forging and dredging the energetic pathways of the body.

The containing spaciousness of the Peace Hall allows immersion in LaoJia 'Old Frame', the matrix (mother-form) of the taiji forms in existence today.  Kinthissa will help as needed participants at all levels.  Due to the nature of the technique, and especially the way of teaching, people entirely new to the practice can happily learn alongside those more experienced.  For this hands-on instruction, there is an optimum number for a group; both times on Holy Isle, the course list has filled quickly, so if you are interested for 2014, please make your enquiries early.

Kinthissa was apprenticed to Gerda Geddes, UK pioneer of Yang Style TaijiQuan.  In 1995, after 19 years of study and teaching, she met Chen XiaoWang, the leading exponent of Chen Style, under whom she has trained intensively up to the present time.  Guided by his 'hands language' teaching, she has come to focus increasingly on the structural reality of fundamental Taiji principles.

Costs : the course fee is £240.  Accommodation for 5 nights, with 3 generously wholesome vegetarian meals mainly with daily produce from the magical gardens, is £235 in a single room, £180 in twin room, or £140 in dorm, payable to Holy Isle on arrival.  The course starts in the evening of 11 September and ends at noon on 16 September 2014.

Holy Isle can also cater for non-taiji companions, who are most welcome.  The island with its land and sea gardens, wild ponies and St. Kilda sheep, is a rare place of vibrant tranquillity.

To book, or simply to make an enquiry, please send a message to [email protected]

For information about Holy Isle, please visit www.holyisle.org