about Kinthissa

Kinthissa was born in Rangoon in 1952.  She studied Far Eastern art and philosophy at Vassar and London, where she encountered the Taiji which she had glimpsed, as a child, through the rising mists on her way to school.

She was then apprenticed for 10 years to Gerda Geddes, who, inspired in Shanghai in 1949 by the sight of an old man playing the Taiji along the Yangtze estuary, later studied with Choy HawkPang (student of Yang ChengFu), and pioneered the teaching of Taiji in England upon her return.

From 1977 to 1989, Kinthissa taught Yang Style 108 Form, mainly in London and Basel.  She learned from Tew Bunnag the 24 Form and practised his method of combining Taiji with samadhi bhavana during silent retreats.  Between 1982 and 1989, she worked with students at the London Contemporary Dance School to find ways for them to regenerate energy and maintain awareness during strenuous training. 

In China in 1985, Kinthissa learnt the 48 Form, Flying Crane Qigong and Sword Form in the Beijing snow.

Since 1995, Kinthissa has been studying intensively with Chen XiaoWang.  The profundity of Master Chen's TaijiQuan and the clarity of his teaching have drawn to him serious practitioners of the art from all over the world.  Under his guidance, Kinthissa holds classes in the fundamentals of TaijiQuan and form.